Are you the managing director or marketing/product development manager of a company with a consumer durables product range?

Do you have business ideas, plans, projects or questions for which you do not find the necessary time, attention or capabilities internally?

Then make a request to ZZZ innovation to support your organisation, for a longer or shorter time span. This is possible in the capacity of your choice:

Counselling: advisory and sparring partner for strategy and concept-development for the product range
Interim management: temporary manager or part-time manager for special, innovative projects or for the product development and marketing department
Coaching: hands-on and inspiring trainer for purchasing, product development, marketing, or sales employees.
For example for training them making a business plan.

Additionally, ZZZ innovation offers you access to a network of professionals in the field of design, styling, communication, purchasing, production and retail.

Rich experience is available in these fields. On your request, this can be illustrated with practical example cases.