Mariluz Fernández Pérez (1962) is a creative product strategist. Inspired by market changes and based on understanding of the links in the distribution chain, as well as by her analytical and creative power, she persistently finds the synthesis between enterprise, product and market.

"The essence of my activities is perceiving and feeling the dynamics of your market and converting that to successful product range management"

ZZZ Innovation is the unique embodiment that Mariluz Fernández Pérez has given to 20 years of passion and intelligence in the field of product development, design management, product range management and marketing management. She held various management positions in which she was responsible for the management of processes and people in these fields.

- Consumer products businesses :
  manufacturers, distributors, trade
- Automotive components development
- Levels : Strategic, Managerial and Operational
- International distribution : (pan-)european retail
- Worldwide supply : Far East and Europe
- Worldwide cooperations on technology and marketing affairs,   with organisations in USA and Japan


Member of Design Management Netwerk

MSc, Industrial Design Engineering
Delft University of Technology (1987)


Fluent language skills in dutch, english, french,
german and spanish